The CRC collaborates with local and international partners on a variety of research projects, including enabling researchers to conduct projects in new locations, such as engagement in Erasmus +, as well as organizing symposiums with leading professionals and academics from around the world.

Research and Creation Projects are not part of the students' curriculum. Each CRC Research and Creation Project focuses on a specific theme in line with the overall research and creation axis of the CRC. Within the Research and Creation Projects, there are Research and Creation Project Leaders, interveners, and (optionally) students.

Research and Creation Project Leaders guide the registered researchers to successfully carry out the research and creation projects.


Who is involved in the Projects for Research and Creation?

- Project for Research and Creation Chefs: (They may not necessarily hold a doctorate.) They conceive the content of their project and write a research and creation form. Project for Research and Creation Chefs propose the names of interveners for their project.
- Guest Interveners: (They may not necessarily hold a doctorate.) They are invited to the projects to perform specific tasks in support of the ongoing research and creation. They are either teachers at ALBA or external interveners.
- Students: If applicable, these are students from ALBA schools participating in the project on an optional basis.



The duration of the Projects for Research and Creation is determined by the CRC on a case-by-case basis.


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